The Spoon


Something simple; that spoon you just set down. Small coffee grounds dot the surface. The black handle reminiscent of earlier styles. Looking up, the computer screen stares back at you, the cursor blinking for more. A few letters typed, some more words captured and you reach for another sip of coffee. The spoon is still laying there, reflecting the overhead lights in a scratched, aged surface. It hasn’t moved, it doesn’t blink, it sits there retaining thoughts of the past. Keys click as imaginations of the past fill the computer. Outside, the brick wall of the building presents itself through the window. Only the color seems different from that red brick building where the spoon first appeared. A box of goods delivered to a grocery store with a serendipitous bonus for the shop keeper, a happy present. The collection grew over time and was enjoyed by the shopkeeper. Now alone, the spoon serves a singular presence bridging thoughts of the little store and the shopkeeper in my passing glance.


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